Diversity Workshop

Diversity Workshop for Educators

This workshop is very interactive, fast-paced, informative and fun!  Learn how to incorporate cultural learning into daily curriculum.  Recognize the different cultures that make up a classroom, invite discussion, promote respect, and learn from each other.  We will find we are more similar than different!

Learn about Individualistic and Collectivistic cultures.  Which one do you identify with?  How does knowing which culture set you belong to help in understanding your students?

Empower your students by introducing information that will allow them to share about themselves.  Information that will inspire a search for knowledge and an appreciation for culture.

Workshop Outline

I.  Faces and Places – Short DVD on people from around the world, their market places, their body art, their traditional homes…

II.  It’s Okay to be Different – Activities, props and literature used to teach young children the many ways we are similar and different.

III.  Folklore – An East Indian tale will be played out as a skit.  The lesson is that if we go beyond out initial investigation of things we would learn so much more.  Move beyond first impressions and learn about people.

IV.  Mexican Jumping Beans – Powerpoint presentation exploring this wonderful folklore.  Jumping beans are distributed to participants.  Very Science and cultural based.

V.  The History of Dental Hygiene – What was used historically for dental hygiene.  Origins of the first toothbrush.  What other cultures use to clean their teeth.  Introduction of the Siwak.

VI.  Herbal remedies and what individuals from different cultures use. Herbs are brought in and participants make nosegays to take away.

VII.  Body art in different cultures. Piercings, tattoos, head shaping, and teeth etching are discussed.  Literature on the use of Henna in different cultures is read and henna pens are passed around for use by participants.

VIII.  Foods. Why and how spices, salting, and fermentation are used in different cultures.  Unusual foods eaten by people around the world.  A Powerpoint presentation is used to discuss natural history of some animals and their importance and use by humans.  Crickets and larva are provided for sampling.

IX.  A DVD Short titled Brown Eyes – This DVD is about a young Korean child’s first day in an American school.

X.  If time permits part of PBS’ Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes DVD will played. This DVD is on an experiment done with children on discrimination.

XI.  If time permits, an introduction of young teens experiencing mental illness (Schizophrenia). Participants are broken up into two groups and experience first hand how difficult it is to concentrate while hearing unwanted voices.

XII.  If time permits, the story Shay will be read. This story shows how children can be sympathetic and caring for children with disabilities.  Bring tissue!

Throughout the workshop cultural trivia will be interwoven.  Such as: origins of names, the potato, hamburger, cascarones, pinata, old sayings, the use of wedding veils, and much more.

Cost:  $1800 for 3 hours and $2400 for 6 hours of presentation. Contact us, we will work with your budget!  805/562-8601 or bsharp@brainstorm3000.com

Professional Recommendations

Texas Association for Bilingual Educators – 2010

Excellent presentation.  Very informative and engaging. All the information was interesting and the manner it was done was great!  Yanira Borjon, yborjon@yisd.net

Awesome & Informative. Catherine A. Chavez, cchavez14@yisd.net

I enjoyed your workshop most of all.  So informative. Becky LaPeyre, becky1apeyre@gmail.com

Excellent, hands-on presentation on other ways to see the world.  It would have been great to have more time.  Miguel Gonzalez, mgonzalez62@yisd.net

Arizona Reading Association Conference, Flagstaff, AA – 2009

Very informative and enjoyable.  I did learn a lot and would like to learn more, Pfuller@tombstone.k12.az.us

Enjoyed the workshop.  Hands-on activities keep the children in a classroom engaged.  I enjoyed learning about new cultural practices that I did not know.  Carie Norlin, memountainmom@hotmail.com

Very informative about cultures of the world.  So glad I attended, but not brave enough for the crickets!!!. Dolores Breneman, dbrene1212@yahoo.com

Academy for Teachers of Young Children, Amarillo, TX – 2009

Mrs. Winner was awesome!  Honestly it was the one session that seemed to go by so fast.  Very few left the room for break.  Everything was organized and presented well; it just flowed right on…  Thanks for having her as a presenter.  Comment forwarded by: Carol Murray, Academy Chairperson, carol.murray@esc16.net

The workshop was great!  I enjoyed it and learned a lot about other cultural traditions that I quickly shared with my family. ehernandez@esc14.net

I enjoyed the workshop very much!  I received my jumping beans – thank you very much.  I will share your youtube clips with other teachers at my school.  Pamela.Dillon@saisd.org

Fabens, TX ISD – 2008

Very lively and interesting presentation!  She shows ways to make teaching diversity come to life. ellenf@fabensisd.net

This was an excellent way to show students the many facets of diversity. lapodaca@fabensisd.net

Gaston County, NC Teaching and Learning Conference 2007

Mrs. Winner is a very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable speaker.  She utilizes relevant information regarding culture awareness within classrooms. It would be beneficial to you and your students to allow her the opportunity to share her knowledge. caholt@gaston.k12.nc.us

The workshop showed us all how students from other cultures are affected by American culture.  The presentation also showed the difficult interaction of special needs students with normal functioning people.

My eyes have been reopened.  Mrs. Winner is so knowledgeable – first hand. The experiences she shared touched my heart.  As an American I take for granted so many things.  She truly knows the meaning of diversity.  We all could learn from Mrs. Winner. What an experience! Debbie B. Barnhill

The presentation was very insightful in learning about other countries. Her presentation made me aware of how most students from other countries feel when they first enter the classroom.  Harold Sims hmsims@aston.k12.nc.us

Wonderful presentation (thorough), stayed on task, very knowledgeable, culturally aware and sensitive.
Amaris Lisbon aalisbon@gaston.k12.nc.us

California Association for Bilingual Educators Conference 2007Los Angeles, CA  (626) 814-4441 Phone Number

Comments:  Great program, loved the foods. Excellent!

I loved the workshop because it was very informative.  We need to train our teachers to be more receptive to our immigrant students.  Victor Armada, varmada@pusd.us.

Reaching Every Child Conference 2006 Connecticut State Resource Center, Heather Penfield – 860/632-1485

Comments from educators:  Great presentation.  Very educational.

Texas Association for Bilingual Educators  2006

Galveston, TX., Kelly Jameson – kellyj@mga-inc.com

Comments from educators:  Well done!  We had fun!

California Association for Educators of Young Children

Anaheim, CA 2006 Convention

Comments from educators:  Never knew jumping beans existed; what a treat! – Great presentation with wonderful message. –  What a clever way to teach diversity to students.  Great introduction DVD!

Sharon Stone Smith, Coordinator, 916/486-7765

Washington Library Association 2004

Comments:  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your expertise at our conference.

Thanks for bringing some “spice” to our conference! Sandy Carlson,Conference Co-Chair, 503/844-1486

Oregon Bilingual Educators conference 2004

Comments:  Educators at your presentation left with ideas they could implement at their own school sites.

Carolyn Grenz, Title VII Coordinator, Hillsboro School District, (503) 844-1482

California Mini Corps Migrant Education Teachers

Santa Maria, CA, Anita Nunez, (805) 922-6966

Comments:  Our aspiring teachers enjoyed your workshop on publishing and diversity programming.  Thank you for coming.


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