Insurance dilemma

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Who would have guessed that having private insurance available to a loved one with a mental disorder would cause such problems.  Services tied into the County are not accessible if your loved one has private insurance.  We are trying to initiate a conservatorship for our son and find that because he is not a consumer of the County of Santa Barbara Mental Health services, they do not want to admit him to their crisis (Puff) center.  He has MediCal and Medicare, but he has never elected to join the County ADMHS group of care providers.  We have used his MediCal and Medicare as a secondary to my husband’s insurance.  

What a dilemma.  Do we remove him from our insurance and further burden and already burdened system?  



Foster Grandparents Introduced to Different Cultures

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Santa Maria Foster Grandparents meet author, Ramona Moreno Winner, and get introduced to different cultures.

A little book with a big message – The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera tugged at hearts  as Ramona introduced this Grimm’s Fairy Tale that has cropped up in many different cultures.  The Wooden Bowl is about a family who learns to care for a frail grandfather (and ultimately each other) with love and respect.

Things got hopping as Ramona introduced – Lucas and His Loco Beans a tale of the Mexican jumping Beans.  A grandfather takes his grandson up into the mountains and teaches him all about the jumping beans he played with as a child. 

All these books make Foster Grandparents hungry for Freaky Foods From Around the World.  A world-traveling grandmother decides to whip up unusual dishes for her grandson’s class.  On the menu are foods such as beef tongue, frog legs, rat, and among other things, crickets.  Fearless leaders began the sampling until others in the audience got into the action!  Yum!!!

These are fun, educational, bilingual books all grandchildren will enjoy.

For more information contact:

Dos Pueblos HS Students get introducted to Global Cultural Trivia

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Wes Ratelle’s History Classes at DPHS get a little culture with their history.

Information provided:

  • Origins of the toothbrush- Introduction of Arak tree, Miswak sticks, and countries where still in use.  Antiseptic properties of the Miswak sticks.  The use of boar bristles in early toothbrushes.  The popularity of toothbrushes in our culture after WWII.
  • Birthday traditions.
  • Origins of the hamburger, hotdog/sausage and taco.  The effects of salt on meat, the use of lye on corn to release vitamin B’s.  Early history of Tarter armies and invasion of China and Russia.  Early trade with Germany through which Americans learned about hamburger and hotdogs.  Early corn history in Meso America and how trade affected Europe and Africa.
  • Origins of the tomato and how they were believed to be poisonous by Europeans due to the use of pewter tableware.  Origins of the potato and how the Inca’s ability to freeze dry and store potatoes saved them during potato blights (unlike the devastation of Ireland during the potato famine).  Distribution of both by Spanish conquistadores.
  • Marketplaces and the unusual foods encountered to include rat, tarantula and crickets.

My Global Cultural Trivia book will be released September 2013!

Please let me know what you liked about the presentation. 

Author Sells and Signs Books at Tucson Airport

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Lucas and His Loco Beans– popular book with travelers

Author Showing Corner, Flip-Illustration of Moth Leaving Seed

Bowl of Jumping Beans Attracts Lots of Attention

  • What are Mexican Jumping Beans?

  • What Makes Them Move?

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, spent several hours at the Tucson International Airport explaining the magic of the jumping beans to interested travelers!

When traveling, stop by a Paradies Shops Store in your airport and pick up a copy of Lucas and His Loco Beans and several boxes of lively Mexican jumping beans.  Your children will be not only be educated on the life cycle of the jumping bean moth, but entertained for hours!

For more information contact us at


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Review of Periquito

The Story of Little Parakeet

by Georgette Baker

Little Parakeet goes into the jungle to find his father.  His father is picking mangoes somewhere in the valley.  As Little Parakeet meets other animals, he calls out “Pop.”  He is greeted with laughter and sung:  Little Parakeet, little parakeet, you look just like your Pop, from your feet to your middle from your middle to your top.

Children will love the beautifully illustrated pages and enjoy several opportunities to sing along with the reader as Little Parakeet searches for his Pop.

For information on ordering your copy of Periquito, visit:

A Lesson on Respect for Senior Helpers

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Senior Helpers introduced to The Wooden Bowl

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, introduces The Wooden Bowl to Senior Helpers at a training session in Goleta, CA.  Senior Helpers is an organization that offers family members a variety of services to care for elderly in their homes.

A Lesson in Respect

The story, The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera, is taken from  an old Grimm’s fairy tale.   It tells of an elderly man who goes to live with is son, his daughter-in-law and his grandson, Diego.  The boy is thrilled to have his grandfather join their family.  He now has a “partner in crime.”  Diego begins to compare himself to his grandfather.  Grandfather moves slowly and he speeds from place to place.  Diego notices they both spill at the dinner table, but for different reasons.  The reaction from his parents is the same – dismay.

Caring for grandfather becomes burdensome to the adults and they begin treating him unkindly.  They put grandfather to eat his dinner alone at a table separate from their dining table.  Because he is frail, he breaks the dishes when he rises to leave the table.  So, the next time they serve Grandfather, they serve his meal in a large wooden bowl.  This makes Diego and Grandfather very sad.

Mom and Dad leave grandfather and Diego alone while they go out for an evening.  When they return, they notice Diego is working on a project constructing something.  Mom asks Diego what he is making.  Diego answers “I’m making Wooden Bowls for you and Dad to eat your food when I grow up.”   The adults realize they are modeling bad behavior and bring Grandfather back into the fold.  At the end, Diego says “When you love someone, you want to help them, not hurt them.”

The book has a lesson plan that encourages family discussion.  It is a wonderful lesson on treating individuals with respect, regardless of their age.

It is hopeful that family members will embrace this story as they move through their journey of caring for an elderly  person at home.  Ramona has donated books for employees of Senior Helpers to distribute to their clients.  Her goal is to make social change – ONE READER AT A TIME.

You can purchase a copy by contacting us at 

2010 International Latino Book Award

2010 National Parenting Publications Award

2010 International Book Award Finalist – Children’s Picture Book/Family/Parenting

Jumping Beans at Burbank Airport

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Jumping Beans not only for Children!

Traveling Customers stopped by to purchase their copies of Lucas and His Loco Beans at the Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank, CA on August 19, 2012

Adults too are fascinated by the moving seed segments that will eventually produce small gray moths (Laspeyresia saltitans).

Lucas and His Loco Beans, an award winning bilingual tale of the Mexican jumping beans, is about a boy who visits his Abuelo over the summer and learns all about the jumping beans his grandfather played with as a child.  The cuento is in rhyme with Spanish words interwoven into the text.  The book offers the full biology of the jumping beans and flip-book illustrations showing the moth emerging from the seed.

Fun & Educational

Bob Hope Int’l Airport, Burbank, CA

 As you travel throughout the United States, you may encounter this book at a Paradies Shops Store in your airport.

For more information or to order a copy of Lucas and His Loco Beans, contact us at

Gardening with Ramona

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I volunteered to help a friend of mine, who works for the Santa Barbara Housing Authority, to set up a garden for her elderly tenants.  We have planted  lettuce, carrots, radishes, green beans, bell peppers, squash, cucumber, and tomatoes.  The City of Santa Barbara provided the raised planter boxes and soil.  Many of these tenants are low income and will benefit from having free vegetables this summer.

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