Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

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Diversity in the Classroom

We need only to look around in the classroom to see faces that are so different than our own.  With these faces come different cultures and traditions.  How can we begin learning about each other?  By incorporating cultural information into daily curriculum.  This is not as hard as one would think.  In the next few paragraphs, I’ll show you how!

Just about every school has a unit on metamorphosis.  Instead of studying the butterfly, let’s study the Mexican Jumping Bean.  Yes, you read correctly, jumping beans!  Rather than watching a jar filled with twigs and a still pupa, the students will observe a moving seed carpal (seed segment) sporting larva that eventually go dormant, undergo metamorphosis, and release a moth.  Grown in the high Sonora dessert of Mexico, these magical seeds grow on tall bushes up in the mountains where they are harvested in early summer.  In the classroom they can be used in Math to calculate the frequency and distance a seed moves, in Science to experiment how heat and cold affect movement, in English to introduce Folklore, and in Geography when exploring the wonders of our world.  With each application, students have an opportunity to learn a bit about Mexican culture and the frijoles saltarines.

What is the origin or your name?  My name, Ramona, means great beauty.  Not Really – ha ha!  Ramona is Germanic or Spanish in origin and means wise or protector.  My son Lucas is a bringer of light and the origins of that name is Latin.  The name Layla is Arabic and means night.  What fun can be had in researching the origin of names in a classroom and celebrating each finding.

I love a crispy, hot french fry.  Where do you think the potato originates from?  Let your students guess and see what they come up with.

I have been teaching workshops on cultural diversity for several years now and I enjoy seeing the faces of educators light up when they realize how simple it is to incorporate cultural learning into everyday learning.  I am thrilled to receive emails from teachers telling me how they used the information we shared in a workshop with their students and how this led to some wonderful discussion.

I hope I have sparked your interest and you will join me again at this site to explore different cultures.

“Diversity is not about how we differ.
Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”
Ola Joseph (inspirational speaker)


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