A Lesson on Respect for Senior Helpers

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Senior Helpers introduced to The Wooden Bowl

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, introduces The Wooden Bowl to Senior Helpers at a training session in Goleta, CA.  Senior Helpers is an organization that offers family members a variety of services to care for elderly in their homes.

A Lesson in Respect

The story, The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera, is taken from  an old Grimm’s fairy tale.   It tells of an elderly man who goes to live with is son, his daughter-in-law and his grandson, Diego.  The boy is thrilled to have his grandfather join their family.  He now has a “partner in crime.”  Diego begins to compare himself to his grandfather.  Grandfather moves slowly and he speeds from place to place.  Diego notices they both spill at the dinner table, but for different reasons.  The reaction from his parents is the same – dismay.

Caring for grandfather becomes burdensome to the adults and they begin treating him unkindly.  They put grandfather to eat his dinner alone at a table separate from their dining table.  Because he is frail, he breaks the dishes when he rises to leave the table.  So, the next time they serve Grandfather, they serve his meal in a large wooden bowl.  This makes Diego and Grandfather very sad.

Mom and Dad leave grandfather and Diego alone while they go out for an evening.  When they return, they notice Diego is working on a project constructing something.  Mom asks Diego what he is making.  Diego answers “I’m making Wooden Bowls for you and Dad to eat your food when I grow up.”   The adults realize they are modeling bad behavior and bring Grandfather back into the fold.  At the end, Diego says “When you love someone, you want to help them, not hurt them.”

The book has a lesson plan that encourages family discussion.  It is a wonderful lesson on treating individuals with respect, regardless of their age.

It is hopeful that family members will embrace this story as they move through their journey of caring for an elderly  person at home.  Ramona has donated books for employees of Senior Helpers to distribute to their clients.  Her goal is to make social change – ONE READER AT A TIME.

You can purchase a copy by contacting us at info@brainstorm3000.com. 

2010 International Latino Book Award

2010 National Parenting Publications Award

2010 International Book Award Finalist – Children’s Picture Book/Family/Parenting


Jumping Beans at Burbank Airport

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Jumping Beans not only for Children!

Traveling Customers stopped by to purchase their copies of Lucas and His Loco Beans at the Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank, CA on August 19, 2012

Adults too are fascinated by the moving seed segments that will eventually produce small gray moths (Laspeyresia saltitans).

Lucas and His Loco Beans, an award winning bilingual tale of the Mexican jumping beans, is about a boy who visits his Abuelo over the summer and learns all about the jumping beans his grandfather played with as a child.  The cuento is in rhyme with Spanish words interwoven into the text.  The book offers the full biology of the jumping beans and flip-book illustrations showing the moth emerging from the seed.

Fun & Educational

Bob Hope Int’l Airport, Burbank, CA

 As you travel throughout the United States, you may encounter this book at a Paradies Shops Store in your airport.

For more information or to order a copy of Lucas and His Loco Beans, contact us at info@brainstorm3000.com

Celebrating Diversity at Teaching Learning Conference, Gaston NC

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Celebrating Diversity at Teaching and Learning Conference

Educators attending the Teaching and Learning  Conference in Gaston County, NC on August 8 & 9, 2012 joined Ramona Moreno Winner in

Ramona presented


  • Global Awareness
  • Tolerance and Acceptance and
  • Cultural Trivia in the Classroom

Comments from educators:
Ramona Winner makes learning about different cultures interactive an entertaining.  She is like having a conversation with someone in your living room – comfortable and easy going.  She is a wealth of knowledge about cultural ideas and practices.  Miranda – mpotts4@gmail.com

Excellent presentation.  Engaging and memorable.  Jennifer – jlwirthamrick@gaston.k12.nc.us

Very knowledgeable about global hygiene, food, and other cultural topics.  Ryan – rcsteve2@gmail.com

Awesome workshop.  Instructor was very knowledgeable of different cultures from around the world and visual aids helped her get the point across.  Would love to see her present again.  Chris – cdsmith@gaston.k12.nc.us

Contact us at info@brainstorm3000.com or call 805-448-7149 to schedule a Professional Development presentation.

The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera (reader comments)

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The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera

Comments from readers:

This is one of the sweetest stories that I have ever heard.  My mother is 85 years old and I am her primary caregiver.  Many times I have had to miss school (I am a 3rd grade teacher) to care for my mother.  I always apologize to my students and explain that “believe it or not, one day you will be where I am and need to be taking care of your parent.”  After watching this video, I forwarded the email to our school counselor and told her I would like to share this with with my class.  Thank you for finding such a sweet way to communicate the sad reality of life.

Donna L.


I never thought a story I could not hear from my computer, because I had difficulties with the sound, could be so heart-felt solely from viewing the illustrations of this book.  It momentarily brought my father, who resides in another city, home. Many times have I seen him do the things depicted in this book and so much more as I reflect on my coming years old age.  It hurts to see my father aging.  I would like to see him with the youth and vigor of past times, hear him tell of his life’s lessons and give him some of my energy, but this is not within my power.  However, there is something I can do: Share with him the anecdotes collected from my pre-school students.  He enjoys hearing how happy I am when my preschool students teach me lessons on life or how to become a better human being.

Thank you for sharing this story with me!    Olga Najera

Nunca pense que una historia que no pude escuchar por problemas de sonido en mi computadora me hiciera sentir lo que mi corazon sintio esta noche con tan solo ver las imagenes de este libro.Me trajo a mi señor padre a mi casa estando el en otra cuidad, cuantas veces lo he visto hacer estas cosas y mas, y he pensado en mi vejez. A mi  me duelen los años que mi padre tiene porque quisiera verlo unos años mas joven y volver el tiempo atras, para volver a oir sus enseñanzas, hoy en dia yo quisiera darle de mi energia, pero no puedo.Pero hay algo que si le puedo brindar: la Felicidad de mis anecdotas con mis alumnos de Pre kinder, el las disfruta al contarle lo inmensamente feliz que soy cuando mis alumnos me dan leccione de vida para yo seguir mejorando como ser humano en todos los aspectos.

Gracias Mil por compartir esta historia conmigo!!!!!

Olga Najera.

Such appreciation of a love and respect a grandchild has for his grandfather.  With this in mind, out of the mouth of babes comes the truth and realization of how as children we tend to forget that our parents accepted us as we were babies and growing up and understood that all the messes we made were part of who we were in the process of growing up.  May my children not forget what I, as a parent, so readily, willfuly, and lovingly,did cleaning up after them knowing that is was just part of the process of growing them up.  May they be so readily, wifuly and lovingly be accepting of my old age and my messes and clean up after me and show respect for me knowing that someday they will also be old and messy. Thank God for the hope this little story gave me.  The hope that when I get old my grandchildren will respect, love me, and accept what I have become.

Frances Molina

I listened to the story this morning and it brought tears to my eyes.  I do training for adults who work with children.  I also work on three reservations and I feel this book would be excellent as the Elderly are sacred.  I would share this book with child care providers both on and off the reservation.  It has beautiful lessons to be taught.

Barb Biwer

I enjoyed the story – it’s very touching! Sometimes it does take a child to open our eyes!

Barbara Stark

This book brought me to tears as it reminded me of the times I lost patience with my mom during her last year here with us.  Although I never put her aside from anything we did, I would become impatient when she did not respond or became “fussy”.  She was dealing with dementia during her last year and I only wish I had understood it better at the time.  I have many regrets now but, I am working through them.  I think this book is a wonderful tool for adults as well as for our youngsters.  If adults could see that the change in our lives in our senior years is liken to the beginning of our lives, perhaps they could understand the shortcomings of our senior citizens in a different light and  respond to them in a positive manner.  Thank you for writing this beautifully written, very sensitive and thought provoking book on a common every day occurrence that needs to be addressed.

Nancy Kalvin

I attended the National Family Literacy conference in San Diego last week and had a chance to visit with Ramona Moreno. I told her that I wanted to purchase a copy of The Wooden Bowl for my husband because we recently learned that my father-in-law had been diagnosed with COPD and that he and his brothers were having a difficult time dealing with their father getting older and his condition. I told her that I thought The Wooden Bowl would be a great gift so that they can keep in mind how important it is that no matter how frustrating and difficult it is to watch parents get old we need to treat them as we like being treated. My husband read the book the night I returned from the conference and thank me for his wonderful gift. He very much appreciated the story and the message conveyed in the story. Thank you Ramona for signing the copy for me. We will treasure this gift for a lifetime.


Dia de los Niños/Dia de los Libros Celebration

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Celebrate Dia de los Niños/Dia de los Libros with

Ramona Moreno Winner

School assemblies featuring Lucas and His Loco Beans (on the Mexican jumping beans) and Freaky Foods From Around the World (on foods from different cultures).Teachers pg1

Meets Core Curriculum Standards for

  • Science,

  • Natural History and

  • Language Arts

What is the strangest food you have eaten?

Have you ever had frog legs?  Why do you think people eat frog legs?

School Assemblies

Students learn about the Mexican jumping bean and the emergence of the Cydia saltitans)  a brown moth whose larva lives in a seed pod.

Memergingmothake learning fun by inviting Ramona to your Dia de los libros/Dia de los niños celebration!

What makes a jumping jump?

Where do jumping beans grow?

How long do jumping beans keep jumping?

Tell me about your experiences with jumping beans.

Contact us at info@brainstorm3000.com to schedule your assemblies.

Dia de los libros

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Dia de los Niños – Dia de los Libros Celebration!

Eating a Cricket Snack!

When food is Strange and quite unknown,

and not familiar like our own,

don’t squirm around making funny faces,

because food comes from different places!

Children line up for crunchy treats common in many countries.

Award Winning Author, Ramona Moreno Winner

presents on Freaky Foods From Around the World – Platillos sorprendentes de todo el mundo.  Recipes from Abuela Nora’s kitchen include:  lengua rasposa de vaca fressca, jugosas pezuñas y  orejas de puerca, chicken feet, crunch and sweet, French fried skunk or roasted rat meat!

Children experience other cultures without leaving home!

Wonderful bilingual presentation for families and children

Fees for presenting:  $250 each hour presentation plus travel and lodging from Santa Barbara, California.

Contact us at bsharp@brainstorm3000.com

Diversity Workshop

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Diversity Workshop for Teachers

Whose Classrooms Reflect Diverse Cultural Student Populations

  • What is Your Cultural Background?
  • What are the Cultural Backgrounds of Your Students?
  • Learn About Individualistic or Collectivistic Cultures – how they affect your teaching methods and how your students learn.

Empower students of all cultural backgrounds by incorporating cultural learning into daily curriculum.



For a detailed explanation of Ramona’s Workshop, please

Click here for Diversity Workshop

For any additional information, contact Beatrice at bsharp@brainstorm3000.com

Freaky Foods Visit El Paso, TX

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Author Shakes up El Paso!

Award Winning Author, Ramona Moreno Winner shakes up El Paso with her visit to Dr. Sue Shook Elementary on October 27th, where she introduced Mexican Jumping Beans and Freaky Foods From Around the World!

Ramona hooks students with crickets, then delivers an important message on learning about different cultures.  Teachers and students expanded their tastes on October 27th as they learned natural history information about animals used as food around the world.  See following clip:

That’s Not All!

Students learned what makes jumping beans jump, where they grow and the life cycle of the Cydia saltitans (jumping bean moth).  Students were then able to hold the seeds in their hands and feel the wiggling of the larva inside.

A Science lesson that includes all the senses.

The halls of Dr. Sue Shook Elementary were lined with pictures and stories written to Mrs. Winner about her books:

These read:

Picture on left:

I love your book becus I love your pichrs and I love the wrsz.  Are you mord?

Picture on right:

You are a great
author and it has a lot of detel.

To schedule a school assembly, contact bsharp@brainstorm3000.com

Latino Book and Family Festival

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Books and People Galore!

The 2010 Latino Book and Family Festival held at CSU Los Angeles was packed with people, books, entertainers, musicians, over 100 Latino authors, celebrities and media.  I had many visitors at my booth purchasing Mexican jumping beans and copies of my books:  Lucas and His Loco Beans, Freaky Foods From Around the World – Platillos Sorprendentes de Todo el Mundo, and The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera. It was great to see the faces of people amazed by a Margarita glass filled with seeds in motion.

Saturday, we were well toasted by the constant sun, but that didn’t keep us from attending the awards dinner where we were thoroughly entertained by traditional Mexican dancers and Mariachi music.  Since I was not at the Awards Ceremony at in New York City in May, I was delighted to be presented with my plaque for the International Latino Book Award for Best Family/Parenting Bilingual Book for my title:  The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera.   I was not the only award winner, awards were also presented for books with potential for being turned into movies, documentaries and other media.

Lots of sun, lots of people, lots of celebrating equaled a great book festival.  I look forward to the 2011 Latino  Book and Family Festival

Award Winning Author visits Burbank Airport

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Autographing Books at Bob Hope Burbank Airport

This past Sunday, October 3, 2010 I had the opportunity to visit The Bob Hope Burbank Airport’s CNBC News store, one of The Paradies Shops airport stores where I signed books for customers between flights.

Who would have thought Mexican Jumping Beans and my book Lucas and His Loco Beans would be such a hit!  People, young and old were enthralled to hear about what makes a jumping bean jump.

Among those shopping for a special gift was a fifth grade elementary school teacher from Northern California who was interested in purchasing a copy of Lucas and His Loco Beans for a daughter-in-law teaching a dual language first grade class.  When she found that the book offered a section on the biology of the jumping beans, she bought one for herself as well.

One of my customers was wanting something special for Christmas and was thrilled to learn that if she put the jumping beans in her refrigerator crisper, they would hibernate and would be fresh when she removed them, wrapped them, and tucked them under the tree.  From personal experience, small children go wild when they hear the jumping beans clicking under the tree!

Lucas and His Loco Beans can be found at The Paradies Shops in the following airports:

Boise, ID; Burbank, CA; Dallas, TX;  Houston, TX;  Long Beach, CA; Midland, TX;  Palm Springs, CA; Phoenix, AZ;  Portland, OR; Reno, NV;  Sacramento, CA;  San Francisco, CA;  Santa Ana, CA;  Sacramento, CA;  Spokane, WA;  Tucson, AZ

If you find yourself passing through any of these airports, don’t miss out on purchasing a book and beans for someone special in your life.

The retail price of the book is $15.95 and jumping beans $3.95.

ISBN:  9780965117418

For more of my titles visit: Website

Book Awards:  2003 IPPY and 2002 Latino Book Award Winner!

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