Dos Pueblos HS Students get introducted to Global Cultural Trivia

October 12, 2012 at 1:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Wes Ratelle’s History Classes at DPHS get a little culture with their history.

Information provided:

  • Origins of the toothbrush- Introduction of Arak tree, Miswak sticks, and countries where still in use.  Antiseptic properties of the Miswak sticks.  The use of boar bristles in early toothbrushes.  The popularity of toothbrushes in our culture after WWII.
  • Birthday traditions.
  • Origins of the hamburger, hotdog/sausage and taco.  The effects of salt on meat, the use of lye on corn to release vitamin B’s.  Early history of Tarter armies and invasion of China and Russia.  Early trade with Germany through which Americans learned about hamburger and hotdogs.  Early corn history in Meso America and how trade affected Europe and Africa.
  • Origins of the tomato and how they were believed to be poisonous by Europeans due to the use of pewter tableware.  Origins of the potato and how the Inca’s ability to freeze dry and store potatoes saved them during potato blights (unlike the devastation of Ireland during the potato famine).  Distribution of both by Spanish conquistadores.
  • Marketplaces and the unusual foods encountered to include rat, tarantula and crickets.

My Global Cultural Trivia book will be released September 2013!

Please let me know what you liked about the presentation. 



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  1. Seeds of acceptance are what our world needs! Thank you for creating and sharing.

  2. I will bookmark your blog and have my kids check up here frequently. I’m very certain they will understand lots of new stuff here than anybody else.

  3. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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