A Lesson on Respect for Senior Helpers

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Senior Helpers introduced to The Wooden Bowl

Author, Ramona Moreno Winner, introduces The Wooden Bowl to Senior Helpers at a training session in Goleta, CA.  Senior Helpers is an organization that offers family members a variety of services to care for elderly in their homes.

A Lesson in Respect

The story, The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera, is taken from  an old Grimm’s fairy tale.   It tells of an elderly man who goes to live with is son, his daughter-in-law and his grandson, Diego.  The boy is thrilled to have his grandfather join their family.  He now has a “partner in crime.”  Diego begins to compare himself to his grandfather.  Grandfather moves slowly and he speeds from place to place.  Diego notices they both spill at the dinner table, but for different reasons.  The reaction from his parents is the same – dismay.

Caring for grandfather becomes burdensome to the adults and they begin treating him unkindly.  They put grandfather to eat his dinner alone at a table separate from their dining table.  Because he is frail, he breaks the dishes when he rises to leave the table.  So, the next time they serve Grandfather, they serve his meal in a large wooden bowl.  This makes Diego and Grandfather very sad.

Mom and Dad leave grandfather and Diego alone while they go out for an evening.  When they return, they notice Diego is working on a project constructing something.  Mom asks Diego what he is making.  Diego answers “I’m making Wooden Bowls for you and Dad to eat your food when I grow up.”   The adults realize they are modeling bad behavior and bring Grandfather back into the fold.  At the end, Diego says “When you love someone, you want to help them, not hurt them.”

The book has a lesson plan that encourages family discussion.  It is a wonderful lesson on treating individuals with respect, regardless of their age.

It is hopeful that family members will embrace this story as they move through their journey of caring for an elderly  person at home.  Ramona has donated books for employees of Senior Helpers to distribute to their clients.  Her goal is to make social change – ONE READER AT A TIME.

You can purchase a copy by contacting us at info@brainstorm3000.com. 

2010 International Latino Book Award

2010 National Parenting Publications Award

2010 International Book Award Finalist – Children’s Picture Book/Family/Parenting


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