Freaky Foods Visit El Paso, TX

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Author Shakes up El Paso!

Award Winning Author, Ramona Moreno Winner shakes up El Paso with her visit to Dr. Sue Shook Elementary on October 27th, where she introduced Mexican Jumping Beans and Freaky Foods From Around the World!

Ramona hooks students with crickets, then delivers an important message on learning about different cultures.  Teachers and students expanded their tastes on October 27th as they learned natural history information about animals used as food around the world.  See following clip:

That’s Not All!

Students learned what makes jumping beans jump, where they grow and the life cycle of the Cydia saltitans (jumping bean moth).  Students were then able to hold the seeds in their hands and feel the wiggling of the larva inside.

A Science lesson that includes all the senses.

The halls of Dr. Sue Shook Elementary were lined with pictures and stories written to Mrs. Winner about her books:

These read:

Picture on left:

I love your book becus I love your pichrs and I love the wrsz.  Are you mord?

Picture on right:

You are a great
author and it has a lot of detel.

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