We’re Off to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

August 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Book Reviews | 1 Comment

We’re Off to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

by Georgette Baker

Michael Mastorakis is off on another adventure, this time it’s  Australia.  This book is very visual and Michael’s journey captures sea life as well as creatures of the land.  I have never snorkeled nor gone scuba diving, so I was impressed with Michael’s scuba diving photos, especially the photo of the Giant Maori Wrasse that looked to be 5 ft. long!

We’re Off to the Great Barrier Reef begins with introducing the reader to the location of Australia, and specifically, the Great Barrier Reef.  Michael swims his way through the reef and lands amidst the animals aground.  With each photograph, he provides the reader with intriguing information about the animals.

Interesting Facts

Did you know?

Of the 30 species of monitor lizards found around the world, 25 can be found in Australia.

The reef extends 1,250 miles and is made up of coral.

Australia has fresh and salt water crocodiles and they are both very dangerous!

Did I tell you that this book is written in both English and Spanish?  Ms. Baker was very clever in her design of this book allowing students to learn a different language as well as a great lesson in Geography.

This is a perfect way to travel without leaving your home!  I would recommend this book to readers, young and old who are interested in learning more about Australia and it’s Great Barrier Reef.

More Adventures

More New Titles

Michael has been a very busy young man and has traveled to the Galapagos, Kenya, Peru, and Costa Rica.  If you are ready for new adventures and want to learn about these different countries, I would strongly recommend Georgette’s other titles:

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We’re Off to Costa Rica

To order your copies visit:  Cantemosco.com


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