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Book Review – Caregivers Manual for Men

I have a new children’s title out:  The Wooden Bowl – El bol de madera.   As I was searching the internet for blogs advocating loving care for elderly persons, I ran across a publication titled:  Caregivers Manual for Men – How to Love Cancer by Daniel H. Zeorlin .  I was touched by the author’s introductory poem:

All Was Well

“Author’s Journal”

My heart was light, my soul was gay,

so ever mindful of the bliss

I took a chance to spy my love

and all was well because of this.

I raised a banner to the world

unfurled before her soggy stare.

It brought such respite from the rage

that all was well, while I was there.

With spiriting I sought to bring

a break to those who long for rest

But times were changed and life was good,

since all was well—I might have guessed!

As stated by the author, this manual can be used to guide individuals dealing with many different health issues through their journey of providing care for a loved one.   The author’s wife dealt with breast cancer and his writing was a way to make lemon aide out of life’s lemons.  I was surprised to learn that Dan works as an Engineer and not a writer.

The necessary ingredients for providing loving and supportive care while caring for ourselves as caregivers are all there.  The manual even provides checklists and worksheets to keep the caregiver organized.

Although this manual was not specifically addressing the care of elderly individuals, I was impressed with the information and I can see its use in support groups and by physicians and health care providers across the board.  Hope he will someday publish this in Spanish for wider distribution.

For more information on Dan’s manual, please contact him at:


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  1. Meet Ramona at a book reading for kids in Los Angeles on September 11th. See the Facebook events page:!/event.php?eid=145210762182911&ref=mf

    We are THRILLED to have her join us to read to the kids.


    Jesse Torres
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