Freaky Foods From Around the World

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Freaky Foods From Around the World – Platillos sorprendentes de todo el mundo is a book you can sink your teeth into!  Lucas’ abuela is a world traveler and the owner/cook at the Freaky Foods Restaurant.  She has some recipes she wants to try out and she invites Lucas’ class over for lunch.  She comes out with a platter and says “When food is strange and quite unknown, and not familiar like our own, don’t squirm around making funny faces, because food comes from different places.  THAT’S WHY IT’S DIFFERENT!”

This is a great book to discuss foods from different cultures.  In the back of the book is a section of recipes.  One of the favorites is crickets from Sub-Sahara, Africa.  For those individuals looking for a more filling meal, there is rat from Vietnam or frog legs from Italy.  Yum!

I had the pleasure or traveling around the world with my sons and what was most difficult was – you guessed it – getting them to eat the foods!  Everything looked so different.  Upon my return to the States, I decided to write this story so children can experience different cultures without leaving their homes.

When I visit schools and attend conferences, I carry with me a supply of baked crickets.  I know, that sounds pretty strange.  Children and adults LOVE the surprise and anxiety at the opportunity to eat such an exotic snack.  They are pleasantly surprised at how crispy and nutty the crickets taste.

My message is that once we get over our initial prejudices, we are open to learning about other cultures.  What we find common in our culture may seem strange to a person from a different culture.  A popular dish in the Mexican culture is Menudo (tripe and hominy soup).  This was a special caldo my family prepared for a festive event.  Friends who would visit would often opt out of eating Menudo once they were told that they were eating the stomach lining of a cow.

For a great read with a great message, I recommend this book for summer reading.

For an autographed copy from the author, please contact:

ISBN:  9780965117425        Price:  $15.95

“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic.
Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings,
different hopes, different dreams.”
Jimmy Carter


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